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About Us

We are so excited that you have arrived at our website! Welcome! You will be so tickled with wearing your first Zkali-raggZ that you will definitely want one in every color and in every style. You will love the soft feel of the cotton spandex fabric and the delicate stretch of lace that hugs your body to give a more fashionable feminine look. This little accessory does a big job of stretching your wardrobe. Your favorite Tee shirts that were once too short to wear are now trendy because of a Zkali-raggZ underlayering. That gorgeous top in your perfect color that has grown a tad too small can now be worn with ease with a Zkali-raggZ peaking out from underneath. Low rise jeans that end up showing off more of your end than you are comfortable with, now can be worn in style jazzed up with an overlayering of a Zkali-raggZ. Being female gives us undue license in creating our pretty, elegant, snazzy and enthusiastic self. Capture the moment! Be the real you! Be the one in your crowd to introduce the latest craze Zkali-raggZ

Zkali-raggZ are manufactured from premier quality cotton spandex and nylon spandex laces. We feature two different underlayerings in verying styles.

Our first underlayering is a half length band measuring 12" in length.

Style A: plain (no lace) rolled hemming
Style B: +2" matching lace on one edge/lettuce edge on the other (finished length 14")
Style C: +4" to 5" matching lace on one edge/lettuce edge on other (finished length 16 to 17")

Our second underlayering is a full length camisole which measures 20" in length.

Style D: 2" matching lace on top and 2" matching lace on the bottom. (Finished length 20")
Style E: 2" matching lace on top and 4" to 5" matching lace on bottom. (Finished length 22"-23")

Lace styles may change.

An array of colours include: black, white, pink, crème, brown, red, turquoise, and light yellow. Watch for new colours as they are introduced.


Small: 24" stretches to 32"
Medium: 28" stretches to 38"
Large: 32" stretches to 44"
XLarge: 36" stretches to 50"


Item A: 12" Zkali-raggZ $10.00
Item B: 2" lace Zkali-raggZ $12.00
Item C: 4-5" lace Zkali-raggZ $15.00
Item D: 2" lace cami $20.00
Item E: 2" top 4-5" bottom cami $25.00